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Guest lectures live from your lazy chair

Surely it's impossible to organise a guest lecture with an external speaker now that all the schools are closed? Not for Tio University of Applied Sciences! With the help of Skype for Business, the guest lecture with Maarten van Seggelen, senior consultant sponsorships for the province of Gelderland, could continue as planned from an external location. It went very well indeed.

Virtual guest lecture

“I had scheduled a guest lecture with an external speaker for the sport and festival management course. It was able to take place as planned with the help of Skype for Business,” says Tio lecturer Jeroen Mouw. Guest speaker Maarten van Seggelen gave his lecture from the comfort of his own home, while students watched live on their own computers. “Via the chat function, the students - twelve in all - could take part in the discussion and ask questions. In this unusual manner, everyone still got to watch the lecture.”

Compliments from the students

Jeroen had never organised a guest lecture like this before. “This was an excellent test case. It worked fine and was actually quite enjoyable. Despite the lack of dynamic interaction with the students, I am very satisfied. The chat function worked well too. The students all complimented the technology and the lecture itself. The only issue? The laptop's battery drained a bit faster than expected!”