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Hotel Sins winner of the hotel and event week

Congratulations hotel Sins!

Hotel Sins in Dordrecht is the winning hotel of the Hotel- and Event Week 2014. By achieving an excellent 9,4 mark, they left Next Generations, Hotel in Apeldoorn (2nd place with a 8,9 mark) and Hotely Dutch (3rd place with a 8,4 mark) behind.


The students who ran Hotel Sins in Dordrecht each win 40 Euro per person to be spend on a fun reunion.

About the Hotel- and Event Week

During the Hotel and Event Week students of the study courses Hotel Management, the Stewardess, Receptionist Hostess study course and the bachelor course Hotel and Event Management run hotels spread out all over the country. The preparation for the actual event starts six month ahead of time. Preparing menu’s, making personnel schedules, calculating prices, creating workshop programs, buying supplies, book keeping, there’s a lot involved in running an entire hotel!

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