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Internship at the Hilton Hotel in Malaysia

Lieke Mommersteeg, student Hotel and Event Management, went to Malaysia for her internship at the Hilton Hotel. You can read all about her internship in her report below. Lieke: "I knew I wanted to go abroad. For me it came as a godsend when fellow student Emilia e-mailed me an internship opportunity in Malaysia. I took the opportunity and within a couple of weeks, I received the news that I could do my internship at the Hilton Hotel in Malaysia this summer."

Putting theory into practice

"In my opinion, joining Hilton gave me a unique opportunity to put the theory I learned about the world of hospitality into practice. I was there to gain more skills and experience in order to grow."

Tasks and responsibilities

"I worked in the executive lounge of the hotel. The key skill I learned while working there is lifelong learning. It’s because I am able to utilize the time effectively which allows me to complete all the tasks within the time limit. Besides that, I am able to learn independently and know how to understand and solve the problem myself without assistance from other staff members."

A helpful and experienced staff

"For me personally, this hotel is unique because of the permanent staff. Most of the staff members have been working there over ten years, so they are very close. The same goes for the contact with loyal guests. I really liked working with the staff, because they know every little detail about the hotel and are really experienced. They are not only very friendly; they were also a big help during my training."

Learning by doing

"Many Tio courses have helped me at my internship, like marketing, technical restaurant skills, technical hotel skills, English and cross cultural communication. But I also realized that learning theories is never the same as when it comes to practice. There are a lot more things to master than just learning from books. For example, it is impossible to master the etiquette of communicating with others from the book unless we put it into action."

Big responsibility

"The working world is completely different from the time of studying. However, I was well prepared thanks to the professional training. It gave me high confidence to serve the community. I had to carry a big responsibility and show professionalism when working in this industry and I did so with honesty and sincerity."

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