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Internship about shares and obligations

Darryl Hopman studies International Business Management and did his internship at Noordam Vermogensbeheer. During the Trading Securities course, his interest in shares and options grew significantly. Darryl: “I still had to arrange my internship, so I started looking for companies and sectors that work with shares and other forms of investment on a daily basis. The asset management sector is perfect for this.”

Small organisation

The company at which Darryl is completing his internship is a small-scale organisation located in Baarn. “Because it is a small business, the atmosphere is great here. That is important to me, so the choice was an easy one,” Darryl explains.

Trading Securities

Darryl had expected the internship to be easier than it is. Because of the Trading Securities course, he thought he knew all about the subject. Once he started working at Noordam Vermogensbeheer, he quickly discovered there was plenty left for him to learn. “I learned something new every single day, which made this whole experience even more fun. On top of that, this is not a particularly easy sector to complete an internship in.” A positive aspect was that Darryl was allowed to know everything that went on in the organisation. Darryl: “That gave me a lot of confidence and made me feel good about the business.”


Darryl’s main task involved researching an alternative investment method for the company. He put a lot of time into that project. “My job description also included drawing up performance overviews, conducting mandate checks, calculating performance fees, updating files, signing up new clients for the bank and looking into several other small issues pertaining to shares, obligations, etcetera,” Darryl explains.

After graduation

“After I graduate, I will take some time to decide what to do next. I would like to continue my studies, but the internships I enrolled in also kindled a desire to enter the world of business. I have to weigh my options and discover what it is I truly want before I can make the right choice,” Darryl says.

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