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Final Stocks & Bonds: how do you become successful on the stock market?

More than 100 students are attending the online Stocks & Bonds final, in which the best investing students present their strategy from the past weeks. Because of course everyone wants to know: how do you become as successful as possible on the stock market?

The assignment: investing via a simulation game

During the project, students trade on the stock exchange for 11 weeks through a simulation game. Their strategies range from watching trend lines, following the news, buying growth stocks to spreading risks. There are three different prizes to be awarded:

Project Stocks & Bonds

The first prize will be awarded to the winner of Project Stocks & Bonds. The best strategy and presentation? Those came from International Business Management student Lieke Voorthuijsen: she first focused on tech companies, spread her risk by later investing in different industries, and: news, news, news. "Every morning, every night I analysed the news." In addition, she conducted an additional research of private investors in the corona era, which showed that private investors are waiting too long to grab their profits.

Lieke has learned a lot from the project, she says: “I went all out to get the best out of it, and I learned a lot from the past period. Where I previously had no understanding of investing at all, I now have the idea that I am completely ready to start investing with my own money!”

Minor Stocks & Bonds

The Stocks & Bonds project can also be chosen as a minor. These students also learned all the ins and outs of the financial exchange and traded on a fictitious stock market. The winner: Hotel and Event Management student Elmer Bool! He keeps a close eye on the financial world news and always used multiple sources. And he had patience, because “change comes with time”.

International Trading

For the International Trading project, the jury found it difficult to choose a winner: the finalists were all very close to each other, but each finalist excelled at something. Ultimately, International Business Management student Max Loos wins the first prize. “A big shoutout to my lecturer mister Breebaart for being amazing! I learned a lot from this project, and I had a lot of fun.”

The winners win a nice cash prize and an e-reader, because to be successful at the stock market you have to read, read, read! Or invest passively of course 😉

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