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Living and studying in the Netherlands

What’s it like for an exchange student to study in the Netherlands and to live in a city like Utrecht? We asked Magnus Lindgreen Jungløv from Denmark, who is currently doing the Marketing & E-commerce program at Tio University of Applied Sciences. Magnus: “It is exciting to meet new people and making connections from all around the world. These experiences most certainly will be helpful for my future.”

From Copenhagen to Utrecht

Magnus is an exchange student from Denmark, he tells. “I live in Copenhagen, but I am originally from a town called Vedbæk, 30 minutes north of Copenhagen. I study International Business Communication at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU).” He signed up for the program Marketing & E-commerce at Tio and came to Utrecht three months ago.

Small-scale and personal

Magnus chose Tio because it offered the courses that suited best what he needed for his exchange, he explains, but also because Tio looked like an attractive option. “The small-scale is perfect for me”, Magnus says. “Honestly, studying at Tio Utrecht kind of takes me back to a high school vibe, where the students are a more close-knit than what you normally see in universities. Same goes for student-teacher interactions. From my impression it feels like everyone feels part of a community, which I like.”

Different learning styles

The university form in the Netherlands is very different from Denmark according to Magnus. “I’m not used to having a lot of assignments throughout the semester or long running projects rather than exams. It’s nice to try a bit of a change in the learning style. I like Digital Marketing as this course has been most different but also challenging. Since it’s a project course, it is fun to see our idea develop over time. And I also enjoy the class Dutch Language & Culture because we always have fun and went on different excursions!”

Open and approachable lecturers

Tio’s lecturers are professionals with extensive experience in their field and they transfer their practical experience directly onto the students. “In my opinion you can definitely learn from the experiences of the lecturers. Most of them have good stories from real life”, Magnus adds. “I think this quality makes a lot of the lecturers very approachable and open.”

Meeting people from all over the world

For a few more weeks Magnus will be living in Utrecht. “I like Utrecht because it’s more laidback and less touristy than for example Amsterdam”, he tells finally. “I really enjoy living in the Netherlands. It is exciting to meet new people and making connections from all around the world. What I like the most is that everyone I meet is so open. The group of friends I have made here have been the highlight of this exchange period!”

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