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Another top result for Tio in the National Student Survey

Once again this year, Tio's bachelor and associate degree students are very satisfied with their programmes, the supervision and the atmosphere at the campuses. According to the most recent National Student Survey (NSS). Satisfaction with the programme in general has increased compared to last year. Where a 3.86 out of 5 was scored in 2022, that rating rose to 3.95 in 2023. Tio continues to improve its strong results.

Satisfied Tio students

The NSS consists of various subjects. Our students rate Tio higher than the national average on every component. Tio students are above average satisfied with the connection to professional practice and with the lecturers from the field. The content of the study, and the testing and assessment also score above average. The majority of the Tio students would choose their current programme again based on their experiences.

High scores per campus

Tio occupies the top 4 for both the Commerce Economics and Entrepreneurship and Hotel and Event Management programmes.

The Master of Business Administration at Tio Amsterdam takes second place in the survey.

Scores per main theme

Studiekeuze123 is responsible for conducting the NSS. For the full results, see the NSE Dashboard.

National Student Survey

Over 289,000 students completed the National Student Survey 2023. The results were announced on Wednesday 31 May. The results show that the general satisfaction of students with their education remains high, and has even risen slightly. The atmosphere is rated the best: 79% of the students surveyed indicate that they are satisfied with the atmosphere at their study programme. The students also feel safe: 85% of the students agree with the statement: 'I feel safe to be myself at the institution where I study'.