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“With Tio's online classes, I don't miss a thing”

The fact that all schools are required to close their doors for a period of at least three weeks as a result of the coronavirus epidemic is no reason for Tio University of Applied Sciences to suspend its classes. On the contrary: Tio students have been able to take all their classes online from day one. “I am glad that Tio's classes are continuing as planned,” says Hotel and Event Management student Britt Reinders. “This way, I do not suffer any unnecessary study delay.”

Online classes from day one

Through quick and decisive action, Tio was able to start offering all classes to its students online less than half a day after the new measures were implemented. “It’s great! Tio took care of things very quickly,” Britt says. “Students do not have to miss anything or suffer any unnecessary study delays. No one is really affected by the fact that there are no physical classes to attend.”

Online education works well

Tio's lecturers teach their classes live, while students watch on their computers at home. “It is easy to follow along with the classes like this,” Britt says. “Many of Tio's exam training sessions are available online as well, which you can watch as many times as you like. I have always made a lot of use of that and it works well!”

Avoiding study delays

Britt is glad that she can continue to attend her classes in this manner, she says. “Now that we cannot go to school ourselves, it is great that Tio makes its classes available online. Students can attend these online classes wherever they want. This way, I do not suffer any unnecessary study delay. Still, I hope that it won't be too long before our regular classes can resume. I miss the social interaction and Tio is simply a great place to be.”