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Tio student dreams about his own company in sustainable development

“Cool, I can use that during my next internship in Ecuador!” Business student Menno Vlietman won a GoPro with his vlog about his internship on Curacao last summer. “I worked as a video marketer there. In Ecuador, I will work for an organisation in the sustainable development sector.”

Assisting volunteers in the Andes

The adventurous Menno, who studies International Business Management at Tio Amsterdam, already spent some time working and travelling in Ecuador five years ago. “I fell in love with the country,”he says. “For my next internship, I will first spend a few weeks at the office before leaving for the Andes to assist volunteers with their projects.”

Internship on Curacao

Although Menno was not required to do an internship last year – he was eligible for an exemption –he still decided to travel to Curacao. “I had an interview at Dolphin Academy two weeks before I left, and I was hired on the spot.”“I worked as a video marketer and made a documentary about the park. They now show it to audiences four times a day. I learned a lot of new skills there: scriptwriting, hiring a good voice-over actor, telling a great story through editing. The ultimate goal was to draw more people to the park. Furthermore, I worked in sales and examined the organisation’s figures. The marketing courses at Tio were definitely useful.”

At home at Tio

Menno is currently in his second year, after obtaining his foundation degree during his first year. Why did he opt for Tio? “I visited a number of schools and never felt particularly welcome when I walked through the door. I felt like a number. When I visited Tio at the open day, it was like coming home. It never feels like I am going to school. Instead, it is like hanging out with friends and learning something along the way! People know you by name and they will do everything they can to help you with any issues you may have. Another major factor in my choice for Tio was the extensive practical experience you acquire during your studies.”

Contributing to society

The business student has clear plans for his future: “Ultimately, I want to set up my own business in the development sector. I want to contribute to our society. A business bachelor  is perfect for that. With my entrepreneurial background, I want to improve education, agriculture, the economy, etcetera. Lofty ambitions, yes, but you should always pursue your dreams. It keeps you sharp!”

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