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9 reasons to study in Rotterdam

In 2016, Rotterdam was the only city in the Netherlands to make it into Lonely Planet's global top ten of cities. Rotterdam is not only a modern, dynamic and international metropolis; it is also a fantastic student city. Here are 9 reasons why Rotterdam is an excellent place to study!

  1. Not too big, not too small
    As the second-largest city in the Netherlands, Rotterdam has all the facilities of a modern metropolis without becoming too massive. The international port city has a population of more than 600,000 and it is a popular destination among tourists, yet it is relatively contained in terms of surface area. For example, you can easily get where you need to go by bike. How great is that?
  2. Excellent education
    Rotterdam is an excellent place to study. The Erasmus University Rotterdam is one of the best universities in the world. The city also has a lot to offer for higher-education and vocational-education students. Tio University of Applied Sciences offers top study programmes at the vocational- and higher-education levels in the fields of hotel management, event management, tourism and business. All of Tio's higher-education study programmes were selected as the best in their field by the Higher Education Guide and its vocational-education programmes also consistently earn top marks in the Vocational Education Guide.
  3. Vibrant night life
    When you want to take a break from studying, Rotterdam has a vibrant night life that offers plenty of entertainment. Go dancing in a fancy cocktail bar, a hip club or a cosy bar on the Witte de Withstraat, grab a bite to eat at one of the many hip hot spots or catch the latest movies in the cinema. Alternatively, you can visit one of the many fascinating museums, such as the Kunsthal or Boijmans van Beuningen!
  4. Centrally located in Europe
    Rotterdam is centrally located in Europe. You can easily reach other major cities - such as London, Paris and Barcelona - by train, bus or plane. The city offers a state-of-the-art train station, an international airport and a world port, making it easily accessible by any means of transport. Within the city itself, you can get around quickly via public transport or on your bike.
  5. Multicultural
    Rotterdam is a melting pot of different cultures. In 2019, the city was home to a whopping 174 nationalities! This makes the city vibrant, lively, colourful and brimming with international influences. Just think of the delicious exotic cuisines available in the Markthal (a true feast for the senses!) and the summer carnival. Whatever your nationality is; you will quickly feel right at home in Rotterdam.
  6. Top events
    You'll never be bored in Rotterdam, since there is always something to do. From awesome festivals (A day at the park and the International Film Festival) to international sporting events (NN Marathon Rotterdam and the World Tennis Tournament) and fantastic concerts in Ahoy: there's never a dull moment in Rotterdam. For prospective event managers, the city is a paradise with its myriad internship and employment opportunities!
  7. City of architecture
    Rotterdam is the place to be for lovers of architecture as well. It tells a unique story: the reconstruction after the bombardment of 1940 paved the way for truly innovative architecture. The city is therefore home to a wide variety of architectural styles, although it is best known for architectural feats such as the cube houses, the Markthal and the Kop van Zuid.
  8. City of the future
    Wherever you look, you'll see cranes rising high into the sky. Rotterdam is never finished; it is a city in constant development where people are always working hard to build the future. The sustainable designs for Tree House and the futuristic Dutch Windwheel (“showcase for climate architecture”), for example, are architectural feats that will surely make Rotterdam even more prominent as a city of architecture!
  9. Cool vibe
    Rotterdam is raw, hip and artistic. Throughout the city, you'll find awesome street art created by Dutch and international artists, ranging from modest pieces to enormous murals. They are all equally colourful and worthy of a place on your Instagram wall. Street art is booming in Rotterdam. There is even a street art route that takes you on a tour of the city's most colourful street art!
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