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All of Tio's bachelor programmes #1 in Higher Education Guide

The Higher Education Guide, which compares 1,100 bachelor programmes on aspects such as admission requirements, employment opportunities and student and expert evaluations, has selected Tio's bachelor programmes as the best in class. For the ninth year in a row, Tio's bachelor programmes have achieved top marks.

Best Commerce Entrepreneurship and Organisations programme

With 88 points, the Commerce Entrepreneurship and Organisations programme has received the highest score for the fourth year in a row. Student Stan: “I have not found this study anywhere else. It is truly one of a kind! It spoke to me immediately, because it is a modern bachelor programme that offers excellent perspectives for the future.”

Best International Business Management programme

International Business Management has earned a score of 92 points, making it the best programme of its kind six years running. “Students are highly satisfied with the attainability of the programmes,” says the Guide. “The facilities are also meticulously in order.”

Best Hotel and Event Management programme

Hotel and Event Management takes the lead for the seventh year in a row and has earned the first place with a score of 92 points. Student Claire Luijendijk acknowledges the positive outcome: “I chose a Tio programme because of the organisation's small-scale and personal nature and the availability of a fast-track option. All courses have a practical focus. The lecturers all have practical experience as well. During my internship, that definitely came in handy.”

Best International Tourism Management programme

International Tourism Management has also earned first place with a score of 88 points. In fact, this tourism programme has earned 1st place for the ninth year in a row! Student Sophie about this programme: “I love learning more about the world and Tio lets me do just that. One of the main reasons why I chose this programme was because of its international nature. On top of that, I was drawn to Tio's small scale and personal nature. I would love to make a career out of travelling. With Tio, that is more than just a dream!”

In addition to the aforementioned programmes, Tio will introduce two new bachelor programmes in September of 2020: Law en Finance & Control.  

Source: Higher Education Guide 2020 Higher, CHOI