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Tio maintains high student satisfaction according to the 2024 National Student Survey

The satisfaction of Tio's students with the connection to professional practice, the quality of the lecturers, and the assessment and evaluation remains higher than the Dutch average, according to the 2024 National Student Survey (NSS). This year too, it is evident that Tio's efforts to further improve its results are paying off.

Student satisfaction remains stable

Students at Tio Business School are and continue to be very satisfied with their education: in almost all areas, they rate Tio higher than the national benchmark. Satisfaction with the programmes in general, the connection to professional practice, and the quality of the lecturers again scores significantly higher than the benchmark. The majority of Tio students, regardless of their programme or location, experience the study workload as 'just right' and, based on their experiences, would choose their current programme again.

High Scores for Tio’s Campuses

Looking at the average scores of the core themes from the National Student Survey, Tio’s campuses and programmes receive high ratings:

National Student Survey

The National Student Survey is the largest nationwide satisfaction survey in higher education, with input from nearly 268,000 associate degree, bachelor and master students. On average, overall student satisfaction with their education has slightly increased in recent years, while the number of dissatisfied students has decreased. The National Student Survey is one of the surveys Tio uses to continuously improve the quality of its education.

Tio Business School

Tio Business School is a market leader in vocational education, bachelor’s degrees, Associate degrees, and MBAs in sectors such as business and entrepreneurship, hospitality, events and tourism, marketing, sales and communication, and real estate. As a private educational institution, Tio can invest more in the quality of education than public institutions. Thanks to an intensive curriculum, students can accelerate their studies with maximum results. Tio also caters to top athletes, musicians, and entrepreneurs with tailor-made programmes aligned with their ambitions