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How Italian Arianna convinced her parents to choose Tio

She had applied to a bunch of different universities all over the world, including Canada, Italy and Australia, but she thought that Tio in the Netherlands was the best option for her. How did International Business Management student Arianna Gasperini convince her parents to choose Tio as well?

Receiving a scholarship

“At first my parents were hesitant about my decision to choose for Tio because at the time I did not know if I would get a scholarship, which I really needed”, says Arianna. “Prior to the start I received a phone call from Tio’s head office that said I got the scholarship! That was a moment I will never forget.”

Convincing the parents

“I decided to apply for the January enrolment”, Arianna continues. “With that decision made I started to talk about Tio with my parents. My dad was sceptic at first. But the facts that Tio is an excellent university, it has good rankings and it gave me a scholarship based on my academics put me in a good position in order to convince my dad.”

Gaining the parents’ trust

“To get him on my good side I promised I would work for his company for the upcoming months to help him out, and to prove I was determined to work and study hard. So I kind of played my way around the situation and I finally convinced him. It was a very gratifying moment for me because I felt I finally had my parents’ trust and they actually believed in me”, says Arianna.

Doing it all by herself

“Their approval made me feel very good and gave me a huge sense of pride, and I felt their support which is something that we all know we have from our family, but it is a totally different feeling when you see you are actively receiving it”, says Arianna in conclusion. “I would definitely say that this motivated me to start my studies abroad and do it all by myself!”

We asked Arianna how she rates her university and programme:
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