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Tio number 1 in impairment ranking for the 5th year in a row

Students excel thanks to personal customisation

Wonderful news: for the fifth consecutive year, Tio tops the annual impairments ranking. On a national level, Tio has the highest score in provision of information, tools and customisation of educational programmes. This is set out in the national report Studying with an impairment 2017'. 

Highest overall score

“The appreciation for Tio, a private school, remains very positive,” says the survey report. Tio won by a significant margin, being awarded the highest overall score of all universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands.

Customised for excellence

Tio offers personal customised education, giving the students an opportunity to excel. The lecturers encourage students to bring out the best in themselves - even if they are dyslexic, have a business to run or participate in a top sports programme.

Jelle Groen is a third-year E-commerce Marketing Sales (EMS) student, previously graduating for the Commercial Business Management (CBM) programme. In addition to his study, he runs his own business, in which he brings his knowledge of both CBM and EMS into practice. “Healthy Promotions,” says Jelle. “It is starting to do well now.”

Hotel management student Willem Meijer has no trouble combining his top sports programme in car racing with his study programme. “It is easy to do both. Tio is very flexible and the lecturers take my training sessions and races into consideration.”

Source: CHOI

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