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Tio Career Event: the best tips from the guest speakers

How can you find the best internship, what is the best way to kick off a successful career or even: how to live a happy life? The guest lecturers of the Tio Career Event not only tell students their inspirational stories, they also have some useful tips and tricks to offer.

Ynzo van Zanten – how one man can make a difference

“Let’s talk about happiness,” says Ynzo van Zanten, Chief Evangelist at Tony Chocolonely, at the start of his guest lecture. He tells students about the origins of Tony Chocolonely. It is an inspirational story about how one man (Teun van de Keuken) with one mission (slavery-free chocolate) managed to make a real difference. His tip for students: “Be happy in what you do today.”

Marco Aarnink – a true entrepreneur

“Never give up, always keep searching.” That is the main advice that entrepreneur Marco Aarnink offers Tio’s students. He excitedly tells the story about how he was dissatisfied with the services provided by printing companies, became interested in the processes involved and suddenly had a golden idea. He founded Drukwerkdeal.nl, which became a major success. His secret: “Make sure that you are truly interested in what you do.”

Gebrouwen door Vrouwen – two passionate sisters

Around five years ago, the sisters Do and Tessel de Heij started a new hobby: brewing beer. Things quickly got out of hand: Gebrouwen door Vrouwen ultimately became a successful business with a permanent staff and sales points throughout the Netherlands and other countries. “The most important lessons we learned are to take risks, set goals, focus and always know where you want to go next.”

Jos Burgers – about Snuf’s Law

How can you become so good that people offer you a job or simply have to have your product? Marketing guru Jos Burgers knows the secret and is eager to share it with Tio’s students: create a personal brand, make yourself both scarce and appealing and never forget about Snuf’s Law: everything you give will (someday) be repaid. Jos: “I have one other tip: above all, stay true to yourself!”

Peter van der Hurk – there is no such thing as coincidence

Can Peter van der Hurk see the future internship or career of Tio’s students? He could if he wanted to, but a reading takes so much out of him that he cannot give one to the entire audience. Luckily, they can do it themselves: “In truth, we all have a sixth sense.” His advice for students is to follow their intuition above all else, for example when looking for an internship.

Estée Strooker – a chef with a mission

The ambitious Estée Strooker achieved some wonderful successes even at an early age: she won Masterchef, wrote two cookbooks, presents various cooking shows and owns three restaurants throughout the Netherlands. The enthusiastic Estée tells a passionate story about her – sometimes rocky – road to success. Her tip for students? “Follow your passion, find your focus and do not pay too much attention to what others have to say. Find your own path!”

College Tour with Twan Huys and Jan Smeets

Today, Pinkpop is the oldest open-air festival in the world. It draws circa 100,000 unique visitors every year. Roughly 650 Tio students had the honour of joining presenter Twan Huys during an interview with Jan Smeets, the owner and founder of Pinkpop. The down-to-earth Jan talks about how he continues to challenge himself even after all those years, about eighteen-million-euro budgets, about growing competition and about why he will not be inviting Justin Bieber back any time soon. “Pinkpop will continue as long as I am alive. I was, am and always will be the boss.”

Maurice Lede – from law student to travel show presenter

As a law student, television host Maurice Lede had a dream: to become a presenter and have the opportunity to travel for work. He tells students openly about how he always stayed positive, even in the face of countless rejections, and how his perseverance and drive ultimately paid off. Today, he presents 3 Op Reis and Trippers, among other things. “Focus on your goal, go for it and hang in there. No matter how often people tell you ‘no,’ you will get there in the end. Chase your dreams!”

Yvo Staudt – watches worth €14,000

Yvo Staudt started his career as an accordionist and now sells watches at €14,000 apiece. He is a firm believer in the power of karma: “What you give is what you get.” His key to success: believe in yourself, visualise your goals and project an air of positivity. What goes around, comes around in the end.