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Tio students make a splash in Ibiza during the Reiswerk Students Challenge

During this year’s Reiswerk Students Challenge in Ibiza, nine Tio students did us proud and showed off their skills. Tourism students Ginny, Natasja, Ronald, Anick, Maaike, Claudia, Monique, Laurèl and marketing student Michelle joined forces to go up against 55 other students from over 20 different educational institutions. The challenge: to come up with innovative new concepts for the travel industry. And what a success it was! Schiphol airport, Transavia airlines and travel and vacation agencies D-rt Groep, Vacanceselect and ANWB Reizen adopted a total of five concepts ­– and expressed an interest in evaluating their feasibility within the company together with the winning students.

Wat vinden de studenten?

"It’s an intense period, but it’s just so cool to be able to accomplish something really innovative with your team in such a short time.” 
Anick van den Berg

"It’s such an amazing experience!”   
Monique Carsouw

“The best part of the trip for me is definitely having been able to spend time talking with the travel industry professionals." 
Michelle Kanters  

"I’m so proud that on my second day I was chosen as the student of the day, and that my team was the one to come out on top as the winning team.”  
Ginny Kool  

"The thing that was most special for me is that your personality really comes out when you work so intently together with the group.”  
Laurèl Weghorst  

“Our team has been given the opportunity to pitch our concept again to DrT-Groep to see if and how it can be developed!”  
Claudia Fronen  

“Making contact with the heads of the tourism companies is fast and easy, and they really are interested in who you are and what you want to do after your studies.”  
Ronald Vos  

“All the speakers were very interesting and I learned so much about the travel industry.” 
Natasja van Gennip