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What to do if you have a complaint?

Tio University of Applied Sciences does everything it can to safeguard the quality of its education. Nevertheless, if you have a complaint, Tio would be happy to discuss the matter with you. Naturally, Tio wants to continue its development. Tio therefore views complaints as a constructive tool for the further improvement of its education. This allows us to meet the changing wishes of students, parents and businesses at the highest level. If you have a complaint (including complaints about exams), please take the following steps into account: 

In order for the complaint to be properly handled, it must meet the following conditions:

Please note that if your complaint pertains to a resolution, said resolution will remain in force for the time being, in spite of the submission of your complaint.

Additional information for international students

Non-Dutch (international) students can also consult the Code of Conduct for additional complaint procedures at the National Commission, in case an issue cannot be solved with Tio directly.