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Business Management - Specialisation Interior & Design

Bachelor's degree 3 year


Below, you will find an overview of the admission requirements for the bachelor programme Business Management with Interior & Design specialisation. Check to see if you are eligible to start this unique bachelor's degree.

Admission requirements

In order to be admitted to this bachelor’s programme, you need 3 documents:

Once you are able to provide the above 3 documents and after approval of Tio, you are all set!

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Comparable international diplomas

Below you will find an overview per continent / per country what the admission requirements are for this Bachelor's programme.

Admission process and enrolment dates

This programme starts in August. Our degree programmes are generally in high demand. So if you are sure about your choice, go ahead and register at one of our online open days or on the website.

After your registration, we will ask you for some additional information. For example, a copy of your ID and information about your prior education, such as a copy of your degree and a list of transcripts or marks. You still haven’t obtained your diploma? Then make sure to send in your list of marks and diploma as soon as you have received it. Places are allocated in order of registration.

Register for this programme

Admission procedure
Once you have registered, we will review your information as quickly as possible to see whether you meet the admission requirements and if there is a waiting list for the study programme of your choosing. A general secondary (havo), preuniversity (vwo) or vocational (mbo4) diploma qualifies you for admission to all bachelor and Associate degree programmes at Tio. If your previous education is not sufficiently aligned to the programme you have chosen, we will contact you to discuss your options. It is also be possible to enrol in a programme at Tio if your prior education was in another country.

Registration period
Your registration is valid for the entire duration of the programme. Each of our bachelor programmes is offered as a three- or four-year programme. Once you complete the first year, and based on your study progress in that first year, you will advance into the second year of either the three-year or four-year track. 

Enrolment in August

When you enrol in August, the first two semesters you will attend lectures at the Tio campus followed by a 13 week internship during the summer. This applies for the three and four-year programme.

Kick-off academic year

Prior to the academic year, the kick-off day and welcome days take place. Tio kicks the year off with an inspiring kick-off day. Students of all Tio campuses attend guest lectures by leading figures from the industry.
The welcome days are devoted to meeting fellow students, the student city and student society Cognatio. You take a look behind the scenes at companies in the industry and above all have a lot of fun. The welcome days take place in the week before the first week of classes.

This programme is offered subject to accreditation. The bachelor's degree Business Management educates students in three or four years for the internationally recognised title of Bachelor of Science (BSc). If you choose the specialisation Interior & Design, your grade list will include an annotation listing that specialisation when you graduate. The curriculum is aligned with the national educational profile of Business Administration (ISAT-code 34035). Upon completion of this bachelor's degree, you will be awarded the coveted diploma from Tio University of Applied Sciences.