Warum Handelswirtschaft und Unternehmertum wählen?

Why should you choose Tio University of Applied Sciences and the Commerce Economics and Entrepreneurship bachelor’s degree? Simple: because the marketing world is looking for well-educated young professionals such as yourself and because this bachelor’s degree was awarded the title of best marketing degree in the Netherlands for the fifth consecutive year (Higher Education Guide).

Below, you can read more about why students choose this unique bachelor’s degree from Tio University of Applied Sciences.

  • Best commercial economics bachelor’s programme

    Best marketing programme awardFor the fifth time, Tio’s Commercial Economics programe has been named the best in its field: "At Tio, many students are extremely enthusiastic about their education," sais the Higher Education Guide. This programme is the first marketing programme in the Netherlands with a strong emphasis on e-commerce.

    Student Stan: “I really like this marketing programme. We learn a lot: about Google Adwords, Google Analytics, but also about sales management and sales techniques, for example. ”

    Keuzegids: "The students from the various campuses of Tio are generally very enthusiastic about all aspects," writes the Keuzegids.  

    Student Reinier: "I mainly chose Tio, because there is a lot of personal attention and it is a professional school."

    Source: Keuzegids Hbo

  • E-commerce

    The business world has a high demand for young professionals with e-commerce expertise, which is a major component of the programme at Tio.

  • Specialisation entrepreneurship

    The Dutch economy offers plenty of opportunities for start-ups. By completing various projects and courses, you learn to set up your business and make it a success.

  • Employment opportunities

    The growing number of online sales has created thousands of new jobs (source: Thuiswinkel.org) and a strong demand for young professionals with e-commerce expertise.

  • International

    You complete multiple components of the study programme abroad. For example, you will go on an international study trip, have the opportunity to do internships  abroad and spend some time studying at one of Tio’s international partner universities.

  • Interesting projects

    You will set up your own web shop, market a brand and participate in the E-commerce week and the Sales week. Together with fellow students, you will also form the management team of a company during the Management game.

  • Widely employable

    Almost all sectors need people with knowledge of marketing, sales and e-commerce. After completing this marketing programme, you will be able to work in a wide range of positions and fields.

  • Learning by doing

    Approximately 60% of the study programme has a practical focus: projects and practical courses. On top of that, you are taught by lecturers with extensive practical experience, complete two internships and can choose a practical minor.

  • High-quality degree

    Tio carefully safeguards the quality and end level so you are guaranteed to get a valuable degree.

  • E-Academy certificate

    Tio is e-academy certifiedThis programme is a certified e-commerce programme, a e-Academy certificate from Thuiswinkel.org. 

  • Specialisation sales

    Sales is an important aspect of the programme. How do you sell your product, what sales techniques should you use, what factors affect people’s purchasing behaviour and how can you develop and maintain an excellent relationship with your clients?

  • Creatief

    Your creativity is stimulated during the Commercial Economics programme. You learn to think "out of the box" and give your own twist to (online) marketing campaigns, product launches and graphic design.

  • High starting salary

    The gross monthly starting salary of a recently graduated CE student is around € 2,320 (Higher Education Guide 2019).

  • Lots of guidance

    On average, you will have around 25-27 contact hours per week, except during the final academic year as you work towards your graduation. Because of the small group size, there is plenty of personal attention. During projects and internships, you will also receive all the guidance and supervision you need.

  • Cooperation with sector

    Tio works closely together with trade associations and networking organisations such as Thuiswinkel.org, Ecommerce Foundation and Sales Management Association to ensure the course content always reflects the latest trends and developments in the sector. The e-commerce lectorate helps students specialise in the field of e-commerce.

  • Small classes

    You attend lectures in groups of no more than circa 16 students, while practical lectures are given to groups of 10. The weighted average for the marketing programme during the 2018-2019 academic year was 11 students per group.

  • Accelerated learning

    Earn your BSc in just three years or an Associate degree in only two years.

  • Guaranteed lecturers

    Any cancelled lectures will always be rescheduled.