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Commerce Economics and Entrepreneurship

Bachelor's degree 3 year

A glimpse of your future

There are many roads open to you when you earn your Commerce Economics and Entrepreneurship bachelor’s degree. What about working as an account manager at Booking.com or as a project manager at the marketing department of KPMG. You can also work as an online marketeer or consultant. Do you want to know more about your many options? Take a look at the career opportunities and read interviews with alumni.
Do you want to continue your education after completing the Commerce Economics and Entrepreneurship bachelor’s degree? This bachelor’s degree grants you access to many domestic and foreign master’s degrees.

Starting salary

The gross starting salary for recent graduates is around € 2,815 per month (Higher Education Guide 2024).

Look at possible professions

Employment opportunities

The growing number of online sales has created thousands of new jobs and a strong demand for young professionals with e-commerce expertise. 

Career opportunities

  • Study Commerce Economics and Entrepreneurship: career and job opportunities
    Study Commerce Economics and Entrepreneurship: career and job opportunities
  • International Business entrepreneur
    International Business entrepreneur
  • Online lifestyle coach
    Online lifestyle coach
  • Entrepreneur after studying at Tio
    Entrepreneur after studying at Tio
  • Working as a Sales Manager
    Working as a Sales Manager
  • Dream jobs after Tio
    Dream jobs after Tio
  • Working at the Rabobank after studying at Tio University
    Working at the Rabobank after studying at Tio University

Successful in online business

Online business is booming: There are 13.8 million online shoppers in the Netherlands. Together, they spend €26.6 billion per year (source: Thuiswinkel.org). This has also led to an increased demand for e-commerce experts. After completing this programme, you will know how to give on- and offline sales a big boost, both in SMEs and multinational organisations. You can have a career as e.g. an account manager, online marketer, communication advisor, sales manager, or start your own business!

What can you do and where can you work?

What can you do once you complete the Commerce Economics and Entrepreneurship programme at Tio University of Applied Sciences?
Nearly every sector of industry has a need for well-trained young professionals with excellent management skills. After earning this bachelor’s degree, you can therefore have your pick of many positions and areas of expertise.

Think of professions such as:

  • E-commerce manager
  • Brand manager
  • SEO/SEA consultant
  • Sales manager
  • Market researcher
  • Online marketeer
  • Account manager
  • Consultant
  • Marketing manager
  • Social media executive
  • Entrepreneur 

Where can you work? Examples include:

  • Advertisement and communication agencies
  • Webshops
  • Multinationals
  • Research agencies
  • Automotive, fashion or electronics companies
  • SMEs
  • Multimedia organisations
  • Travel agencies
  • PR agencies
  • Retail organisations
  • Your own business
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“Tio Alumni can give you a kick-start to your career, to finding a new job or a good assignment.”
Dignus Heijning | Alumni
“An alumni network offers graduates a ton of added value. You can share ideas and experiences, inspire each other and get closer to finding your dream job.”
Machteld Bakker | Alumna

From bachelor's to master's degree

With a bachelor's degree from Tio, you will be welcomed with open arms on the labor market. Aiming for a position in upper management? Then Tio's MBA, the Master of Business Administration, is the next step for you. After your bachelor's degree, you will obtain your MBA degree within one year.

The business community is crying out for enterprising and hard-working professionals with a wealth of practical experience. And a diploma from Tio opens even more doors. If you’re eager to start your career right after graduation, a Tio degree will make you well-prepared for amazing opportunities on the job market. Prefer to continue your education? At Tio, we make it simple: you can earn a Master of Business Administration in just one year.

Earn your professional master’s degree with our MBA programme. In this programme, you can choose from five specialisations:

No matter which specialisation you choose, you will be taught by passionate lecturers with extensive experience in their field. You will learn from their current work experience while tapping into their vast business network. Both of which are valuable assets for a professional like you!

More about our MBA

Alumni association

You can find Tio alumni everywhere! As an entrepreneur and in senior positions in various industries: from SME to multinational. With over 10,000 alumni, Tio offers you plenty of opportunities to build an extensive and valuable network.

Tio Alumni is committed to maintaining warm ties between former students and Tio and to strengthening contacts between its alumni. It offers the thousands of graduates opportunities to meet each other online and offline. Alumni also come together at networking events, masterclasses and events. Via the LinkedIn group Tio Alumni, Tio and its graduates share vacancies, industry information and knowledge. Tio likes to stay in touch with former students. That is why we have an alumni council consisting of former students who are involved in policymaking at Tio.