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Athletic successes in the Olympic Stadium

During the second edition of the Tio Lympics in the Olympic Stadium, Tio students from the different campuses competed against each other in a series of athletic events.

Lighting the Olympic flame

The Tio Lympics were officially opened by Martijn Naberman, campus manager at Tio Amsterdam. While running with torch in hand along the athletics track, he lit the Olympic Flame. This marked the beginning of a sportive day! During four different rounds, Tio's students were challenged to push themselves to their limits. The events ranged from volleyball to athletics and concluded with a tug of war.

The students competed fiercely to win that coveted Tio Lympics trophy. Everyone agreed on one thing: team Cognatio - winners of the previous edition of the Tio Lympics - had to be defeated. Former Olympic athlete Marianne Timmer announced the winning team during the award ceremony. Although the teams were evenly matched, Team 1 from Tio Amsterdam ultimately emerged victorious. This successful day of athletic competition concluded with drinks on the patio.

Teamwork with other campuses

Maurice Krabbenborg, Tio Hengelo's campus manager: “The Tio Lympics are a great event and I love seeing students from different study programmes and study years work together as a team.”

Sven, student of Hotel and Event Management in Utrecht: “I competed last time as well and that was a lot of fun! That is why I decided to sign up again this year. I am in a team together with students from a different campus, whom I got to know while working on a joint Tio project.”

Justin, student of Commerce Entrepreneurship and Organisations in Hengelo: “We had to travel quite a long way to get here from Hengelo, but it was definitely worth it! Unfortunately, this will be my last time competing, because I am in the final year of my study programme.”