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"The project Hotel and Event week is awesome!"

Lenn Nijmeijer, Hotel school student at Tio, shares his experiences about the Hotel and Event Week. During this week-long project Tio students run their own 3-star hotel.

Lenn: "The Hotel and Event Week: a dream come true for every ‘hotello’. And one of my main reasons for studying at Tio. The opportunity to actually realise your own hotel really is something quite special to experience."

"After weeks of preparation, running here and there, attending many meetings, the moment finally arrived: the Hotel and Event Week in Dordrecht took off. This truly was an extraordinary and memorable moment and it quickly became apparent that we gelled brilliantly as a group."

"Leaving aside the Mayor’s non-appearance, the astonishing lack of various foodstuffs, waiters’ knives, food coupons and the empty pensioners’ boat, all things considered it’s safe to say that the project week went fairly smoothly. However, I’m more than proud of what we managed to achieve jointly. We were also proud about our team communication and the wealth of positive reactions from our guests."

"For me, the project was way, way too short. I had an outstanding experience, and plenty of fun throughout the week. During the time we managed to establish a team bond that would be a pity to just let go."

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