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Top sports and studying at Tio is a great success

High-level horse riding or business studies? Chenna does both. The entrepreneurial show jumper has managed to combine studying for a degree in Business with her other goals. Tio is the right place for her to make the most of her skills across all areas.  

Chenna has been riding horses since the age of ten. She trains four to five times per week and competes nearly every weekend. Last year, she took part in several international competitions. Chenna is also interested in moving into motorsports and recently completed several training days. How does Chenna combine her sporting career with her full-time studies at Tio?  

Choosing the right study programme  

Before Chenna came to Tio, she pursued an equestrian sports programme. But it wasn’t right for her: “The programme wasn’t what I was looking for. The curriculum didn’t suit me, and the teaching style didn’t work for me. I did enjoy the business part of the programme though, so I decided to go further in that direction. I knew that Business at Tio was the programme for me as soon as I heard about it.”   

Entrepreneurial ambitions  

Chenna was right. The business programme at Tio was exactly what she had been looking for. “The curriculum is a good match for my goals as I’d like to start my own company one day. I also really like the personal and close-knit atmosphere at Tio. Every morning people say hello to me by name. Where else do you get that? Tio Eindhoven is a lovely and welcoming campus. I’ve also established a really great group of friends.”  

Balancing sports and studies  

“And everyone at Tio really takes my sporting ambitions into account,” Chenna continues with enthusiasm. “My lecturers are aware of just how passionate I am about sports including horse riding and how much time this demands. They always try to accommodate me where possible. Sometimes I attend classes from home or take a test at a different time. It’s ultimately my responsibility, but my lecturers are always happy to consider different solutions. It’s great.”  

Plenty of practical experience  

Chenna has built up lots of practical experience during her study programme, not only through study projects and internships, but also as a committee member. She is secretary of the student association Cognatio at Tio Eindhoven. “The committee meets every week. As secretary, I contribute my opinion, take minutes, keep everything organised, and jump in where necessary. I love being able to play a part in this way. And it’s really fun too!”  

Continuing studying at Tio  

Once her Business programme is complete, Chenna plans to continue studying. “Afterwards I’d like to take the bachelor's degree in real estate at Tio. I’m really interested in this world. My father owns a holiday park business in Zeeland and various real estate projects abroad, so it’s really in the family. I’m still working out what exactly I’d like to do, so continuing my studies is a good option. This degree is also a good match for my background in business.”   

Making dreams a reality  

Once she has completed both study programmes, Chenna is keen to set up her own business, most likely in the world of real estate at home or abroad. “Last year we took classes in personal development. We learned how to identify our personal qualities and skills. The study coach helped us to work out where we would like to develop ourselves further and how we could achieve that. It was really interesting as I always want to get the best out of myself. This course was definitely a big help. I don’t know what it’ll look like yet, but I know I’ll have my own business one day!”  

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