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Creative concepts during Amazing Restaurant Concepts final

Creativity required! During the Amazing Restaurant Concepts project, Tio’s Hotel Management Students come up with their own restaurant concept, which the three finalists may pitch in front of the professional jury. Who will take the win this year?

Write a business plan

Weeks of hard work precede this exciting final: the students wrote a complete business plan for a new catering company for the Amazing Restaurant Concepts project. And there is a lot involved with that! Where are you going to start your restaurant, who will be your staff, how are you going to finance everything and above all: what's on the menu?

Eating out again

Hearing all the creative ideas, which makes one’s mouth water, you will feel even more excited about going out for dinner again. But which of the restaurants presented by the students is most likely to succeed? Where does the jury see itself enjoying a nice meal in a few years?

Barbecuing in Utrecht

Lecturer Ron de Jong is proud of the finalists: "The quality was exceptionally high this year!" So it took some nail-biting during the jury meeting, but in the end the jury proclaimed student Lotte Müller from Tio Utrecht the winner. She came up with a high-end BBQ Bar on the canals of Utrecht, where guests prepare their own meat and are assisted by experienced barbecue masters. “I want you to walk into the restaurant and be amazed at how góód everything is,” says Lotte. A nice chic interior, excellent staff and of course good meat. Fun fact: Lotte has been a vegetarian herself for many years.

We will keep an eye on the Utrecht canals in the coming period; who knows, we might be able to enjoy a luxurious barbecue in the near future!

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