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'At Tio, you get what you expect, and more'

Before Spanish-Indian Rahul came to Amsterdam and Tio Business School in September 2023, he studied econometrics at Tilburg University. He soon found out that he could not express his creative, entrepreneurial and hospitable character traits in that field, and decided to quit. During his gap year, he worked as a freelancer in a football stadium, stood behind the bar ánd organised an event for more than 2,000 people. That's when Rahul knew for sure: "This is what I want more of."  

"I was looking for a study that matched my passion: event management," Rahul says. "Tio offers a three-year, international in Hotel and Event Management study programme. As I did not want to limit myself to just the hotel industry, this was the perfect combination. Besides, I am used to private education and my talent comes out best in a hands-on environment. So I didn't have to think long; I immediately signed up for an open day."  

Open day  

"At the open day, I was one of the few international students," Rahul recalls. "Makes sense, because normally those students attend an online open day from the country where they live. Lecturers and other staff offered all the attention I needed and really made time to answer all my questions personally. They gave me more information about the study programme and the cities where I could study. Amsterdam stood out for me because of its international reputation and the business opportunities that come with it."  

During the open day, Rahul was introduced to Tio's personal and welcoming approach. "This was also noticeable after the open day. For example, after my application, Tio helped me find a room in Amsterdam, where I now live with great pleasure. I felt incredibly welcome from day one."  

Small and personal  

What Rahul likes most about studying at Tio? The small scale. "During the introductory days, I got to know my lecturers and fellow students very well and personally," Rahul explains. "Now I have a bond with everyone that goes beyond just studying. They have become friends for life, with whom I can work and laugh. Because of them, I feel at home here."  

Seizing opportunities  

"At Tio, you get what you expect, and more!", Rahul beams. "I learn to check in guests in a simulated hotel lobby. Attend conferences and get-togethers, expanding my international network. And organise various events, for fellow students and hotels. I don't yet know exactly what I want to do after graduating. But through this study programme I am developing very broadly in an industry in which I feel completely at home. I travel to faraway countries, discover the most extraordinary corners of the world and come into contact with different people and new cultures. Who wouldn't want that?"