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“I will definitely recommend studying at Tio to other students”

What's it like for an exchange student from Taiwan to study in Utrecht? We asked Hsiu Hui Lu, who’s currently studying Hotel and Event Management at Tio Utrecht for a semester. “Utrecht is completely different compared to other cities. But in my opinion, it is the best city for exchange students to live in!”

From Taoyuan to Utrecht

Hsiu Hui Lu is from Taoyuan, located in North Taiwan. “I study English Literature at the Providence University in Taichung, Taiwan”, the ambitious student says. “This semester I am studying Hotel and Event Management at Tio Utrecht. I have been in the Netherlands for four months now.”

Professional lecturers

“When I wanted to study abroad”, Hsiu Hui Lu says, “I chose Tio because the curriculum plan looked very good. Looking back, it was the right choice. The lecturers are very professional and the way they teach is easy to understand. During classes the lecturers use real cases that happened in the industry, which is very instructive for students.”

Tio’s small-scale teaching

Hsiu Hui Lu likes the small-scale and personal education of Tio. “The small-scale teaching method can help students to develop themselves. Lecturers can take care of each student individually. The educational method is totally different with Taiwan’s. I really like the small-scale teaching. These Tio experiences will be very helpful for my future I think. I will definitely recommend studying at Tio to other (exchange) students.”

“And I really like the Hotel and Event Management courses”, Hsiu Hui Lu continues enthusiastically. “For example the Hotel and Event Week, but also the visit to the Michelin 3-star restaurant. Thanks to these experiences we learned how to put knowledge into practice.”

Utrecht’s the best

During her semester at Tio Hsiu Hui Lu lives in Utrecht. “Utrecht is completely different from other cities. It is a small historical city, which can help exchange students to understand Dutch history and culture. I like Utrecht, it’s the best city for exchange students to live in!”

We asked Hsiu Hui Lu how she rates her university and programme:
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