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Management trainee at Hilton Los Angeles

Former student Annerieke Oudshoorn (Hotel and Event Management) currently holds the position of management trainee at the Hilton in Los Angeles. “This is the opportunity of a lifetime.”

Annerieke is having a great time in Los Angeles: “I’m working in America and living the American dream and all this while working for an international hotel chain which offers me tremendous potential to grow. The best part of the management traineeship is that my training prepares me for a management position in any hotel. This means I get to experience a little of every department related to Rooms Division: housekeeping, front office and guest relations.”

Pursuing a career in Los Angeles

“Nothing is impossible here, because everyone here follows their own path and dreams. Even when I walk down the street, I can’t help but stare. The desire to work hard and to make money is enormous here. Many of the local residents came here, by themselves and from all over the world, to pursue their dreams and build a career. Very inspiring.

A fast way to earn a degree

“I learned so much during my time at Tio and I felt right at home. The lecturers were teaching from experience as they were all professionals from the industry and this gave me a perfect and current insight into the world of hospitality. Another big plus was that I was able to complete the bachelor course in just three years. I’m only 23 now and I have already managed to accumulate 2,5 years of work experience. Nowadays that’s a big advantage, because work experience is very sought after when applying for jobs.

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