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Travelling the world as a product manager

After graduating, she only wanted one thing: to work for a specialist in exotic destinations. After several years she has achieved that goal. She now travels the world as a Business Unit Manager Africa, Asia and Downunder at Tenzing Travel. The passionate Petrel van Bronkhorst still enjoys her work every single day. Petrel: “Working in the travel industry is fantastic. Everyone here shares the same passion. I have never regretted my choice for a second.”

Diverse days

As Business Unit Manager, Petrel is in charge of the East department (Africa, Asia and Downunder). “No two days are alike. I run the East department (which also includes the sales, product and booking departments), I regularly meet with the departments and I handle marketing, HR and sales. I also give presentations for clients, attend tradeshows, maintain contacts with travel agents, coordinate sales processes and travel a lot myself. I love how diverse my job is.”

Knowledge and expertise

Tenzing Travel is a travel organisation with a physical location in Amsterdam. “We specialise is exotic locations outside Europe,” Petrel explains. “We work together with travel agents and direct customers, both B2B and B2C and we mostly provide custom trips. With all these digital travel organisations around, knowledge and expertise are essential. Our office is located above the travel agency itself: the Tenzing Travel Shop. That is definitely useful; if customers have specific questions, our travel consultants can come down to talk to them in person.”

From sales agent to Business Unit Manager

It is no coincidence that Petrel works at Tenzing Travel. After her bachelor's degree International Tourism Management, she had a clear goal in mind. “I wanted to work for a specialist in exotic destinations.” Petrel sent an open application and was immediately offered a job in the sales department. She now works as a Business Unit Manager. “I love my job here,” Petrel explains excitedly. “It is fantastic to realise how much you can achieve if you only work hard!”

Tio students have an advantage

To conclude, Petrel has a tip for current Tio students. “It is important to know what you want. Luck is a factor, of course, but if you follow your passion, the sky is the limit! I am convinced that my Tio degree helped when I first applied here. Tio students often have more qualities than other students and the (practical) study programmes tie in better with the professional field. Tio students definitely have an advantage.”

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