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Warm welcome during successful kick-off

Escaping the blistering heat outside, the newest generation of Tio students enjoyed a day full of fascinating guest lectures at convention centre and theatre De Reehorst in Ede. Several professionals from the field, such as travel expert Chris Zegers and Holland Casino CEO Erwin van Lambaart, inspired the students with their stories. For the enthusiastic first-year students, it was literally a warm welcome. The ice has been broken: let the year begin!

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Cees Verkuyl: dare to go your own way

Cees Verkuyl, who was recently chosen as the commercial director of the year, gives students of Commerce Entrepreneurship and Organisations and International Business Management tips and tricks on how to be successful in sales: be honest and sincere, get to know the question behind the question, be creative and innovative and dare to go your own way. "Ultimately, it is about who you are and who you want to become."

Creating experiences with Sjoerd Weikamp

Students in the fields of events, hospitality and tourism were immediately put to work by Sjoerd Weikamp, owner of Eventbranche.nl. They got to think along about the campaigns for global brands such as Audi, Ben & Jerry's and C&A. "The industry is changing,” the event professional demonstrated. "Live events are now used for successful marketing campaigns. It is all about creating experiences." Hotel and Event Management student Anouk thought it was an interesting guest lecture. "He told a very captivating story with plenty of practical examples, so you could understand exactly what he meant." Hotel and Event Management student Nynke adds: "Wonderful of Tio to organise an event such as this. It is interesting to hear first-hand experiences from the world of business; the speakers explain what things are really like in practice. That is very inspiring."

Thomas Landen about challenges in the tourism sector

Hospitality expert Thomas Landen told the students more about the world of hotels and tourism. His impressive message: "In roughly twelve to fifteen years, the volume of global tourism will have doubled. We are approaching two billion (!) tourists per year. That creates both new opportunities and new challenges. It is up to you to make the most of that.”

Erwin van Lambaart: make mistakes

"You have to make mistakes to be successful," Holland Casino CEO Erwin van Lambaart tells his audience. His biggest fear is that an organisation is unwilling to change or grow out of fear of making mistakes. His motto: "Work hard, learn fast, enjoy life, conquer the world and make the difference!"

Exploring with Chris Zegers

TV presenter and travel expert Chris Zegers gave the tourism students a glimpse into his own life. Radiating enthusiasm, he told about his experiences as a junior accountant, professional footballer, actor and TV presenter. His love for travel brought him to where he stands today. Chris' message: "It is okay if you do not have a ‘plan’ yet.” Explore the world, learn about who you are and do whatever energises you. If you do that, everything is possible." Steward(ess) Receptionist(e) Host(ess) student Kaitlyn was impressed by Chris' story. "He has such a wealth of life experience, so it was great to hear him tell his story. It was not just about the work, but also about his own experiences. That made it all very personal. Yes, I found it to be very inspiring!"

The best sales tips from Patrick Albers

Account manager and sales professional Patrick Albers taught the business students the ins and outs of sales. He shared his professional experiences and talked about the pitch that earned him the title of Senior sales professional of the year 2018. His tip: "Use an anecdote in your presentation. That is a great way to create the right personal atmosphere."

Milo Berlijn: it can be so much fun

Milo Berlijn gives the Hotel Management students a lesson in hospitality. With hilarious anecdotes from his personal life, he illustrates how much fun life and work can be, as long as you are nice and positive: "You have a huge influence on your own life." Enjoy yourself, talk to people, give each other compliments and – above all – be proactive.

Guest lecture about money with Marco Groot

During Marco Groot's guest lecture, the International Business Management students literally have their hands full of cash. The owner of consultancy and coaching agency 8 days a week talks about the history and value of money and even hands out different currencies. What is economic growth to him? Health, Homies and Hobbies. "Above all, do what makes you the happiest,” he concludes.

Learning from the best

"This is a very interesting day with all those speakers. You get more insight into the lives of professionals from the field. It has certainly been useful," says one International Business Management student from Amsterdam. "It is wonderful to hear the speakers talk about what they do and share their experiences," Tourism student Twan agrees. "You find out what things are really like in practice. That is very informative. I have been looking forward to my studies since the summer, but now I definitely cannot wait to get started!” Business student Aaron adds: "What I learned today? You have to have a goal in mind and know what you are doing it all for. Personally speaking, I chose a Tio study programme as an investment in my own future.”

Photos kick-off

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