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Tio alumnus Patrick is managing director at Meltwater

Meltwater, market leader in media intelligence, appointed former Tio student Patrick Bolle as its managing director. In his new position, Patrick further expands Meltwater’s activities in the Netherlands.

Patrick Bolle comes from a position as new business manager at Meltwater. Bolle: “I am thrilled about this move. It all went very quickly. These past few months, we have been taking big leaps with Meltwater Nederland, partly due to the use of new technologies in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. We will truly make a difference on the Dutch market. With PR Insights, we give Dutch organisations insight into what is happening in society and with their competitors. We also give them insight into the effectiveness of their online efforts.”

Helena Naverbrant, Area Director France, BeNeLux at Meltwater: “Patrick is the right guy for this job. In recent years, he has shown himself to be an inspirational and results-oriented leader. He advanced quickly: Patrick first joined us two years ago and he is now our managing director. The development of leadership and talent is a core aspect of our HR policy.”

About Meltwater

Meltwater monitors and analyses online data. Using the latest technologies, Meltwater filters data from billions of public digital sources. With the help of real-time analyses, clients are able to make well-informed decisions that simulate their organisation’s growth and development. Meltwater is a Norse company that has specialised in data analysis since 2001. The company has 56 offices all over the world. Dutch clients are serviced from the Amsterdam office.

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