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Students put their sales and pitch training into practice during the finale of the Sales Week

Today was an exciting day for first-year students of International Business Management and Commercial Economics: the finale of the Sales Week! After a week full of guest lectures and training sessions, they got to put their newly acquired knowledge into practice today.

Trade a pen

On the final day of the Sales Week, the students were given ninety minutes to trade a Tio pen for something prettier, bigger or more valuable. This newly acquired object was then traded for something else, creating large trade chains that led to some wonderful results. At every Tio location, students formed groups of two and set out on their quest to make the best deal. The duo with the best result and the best pitch about their trade chain wins! Business student Tom: "I like the assignment, we're looking forward to it. We are going use our charms. And now we know how to sell well, so it's going to be okay.”

Sales, debate and pitch training

The students were well prepared for this assignment: over the past few days. They took part in a number of training sessions, including sales, debate and pitch training. Business student Julia: "We could apply the theory we learned at the beginning of this week directly in practice. I especially liked the debate. With our group debate for a jury against another group. The interaction during the debate gave me real energy. And my group had won! "

These training sessions come in handy now: trading a pen for something pretty and valuable requires quite a few sales techniques. Meanwhile, the students put their pitch training to good use to convince others that their result was the best!

The result

The results speak for themselves: students exchanged their pens for, among other things, a bag with Rituals products, a watch and a tie. But the most special exchange goes to students Max (International Business Management) and Ole (Commercial Economics and Entrepreneurship) from Tio Rotterdam; they came back with a real internship! "The assignment was very nice, especially to apply what you learned throughout the week and to be interactive. In order to secure the internship, we used our network and thought about how you can increase the value over and over again. The most important lesson is that you have to persevere and never have to settle for anything. "


At the other Tio locations, there were also winners. They came back with, amongst other things, a gift box and a car for a day. Congratulations to all prize winners!

Watch the video of the sales week!