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Pitching, selling and debating during the Sales Week

Learn to sell like a pro! Students Commerce Entrepreneurship & Organisations and International Business Management will learn how to pitch, sell and debate during Tio’s project week. Today the week is kicked off at Pathé Leidsche Rijn.

Be reliable

Sales trainer Yuri van der Sluis opens the week with a master class on sales. About how, as a young newspaper vendor, he took the art of mirroring very literally (talking to a stuttering caller as if he were stuttering himself), about trial and error and about the most important thing in sales: trust. His golden tips to the students: take the time to get to know your client and be transparent so that you not only come across as reliable, but simply are reliable. "An inspiring man," says Commerce Entrepreneurship & Organisations student Emma Alewijnse. “It's also great that Tio organises such a project week for students. As a result, as a Tio student you really have an advantage in comparison with other students when you enter the labour market.”

Pitching, selling and debating

During the project week, students will have three full days of training in debating, pitching and sales. From whom, they find out today. For example, "Pitch Queen" Nathalie Mangelaars of PitchAcademy immediately puts the students to work by letting them pitch their best holiday. "Our goal: making Dutchies the best pitchers in the world!". Jan-Pjotr Komen from the DebatUnie talks about the importance of a structured speech, body language and also being able to understand the viewing point of other people. René Velthuis from XL10 will teach the students tips and tricks on sales. The trainers are impressed: "I have never experienced such a big setup for a school project week," said Jan-Pjotr Komen.

Who will win the trophy?

In the meantime, three beautiful trophies are shining on the stage. Who will be the lucky winner of these trophies? From every Tio campus, the best pitcher, the best seller and the best debater go to the finals this Friday at Kinepolis Jaarbeurs Utrecht. Those who steal the show will be announced the winners of this Sales Week!

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