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Studying during the corona crisis

Tio student Maxime de Koning believes that some of the measures taken in the Netherlands to prevent the spread of the coronavirus should be ramped up a bit. In her workplace - a butcher's shop - customers do not seem to follow the new rules. She is satisfied with the measures taken by Tio, however: “It is great that the classes are now taught online instead.”

Tio's education continues

Since day one of the mandatory closing of all schools, Tio has been offering all its classes online. “I do not have any online classes myself at the moment because of the minor I chose. I do think it's great that Tio's classes are now taught online instead. It's nice to be able to do something at least, despite being stuck at home,” says Maxime, who studies Hotel and Event Management herself. Still, she hopes the school will open its doors again before too long. “When I'm at home, I get distracted more easily. I would rather go to school and attend my classes there.”

Running a business during the corona pandemic

“I believe Tio has taken the right measures to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus,” Maxime continues. She is currently enrolled in the Entrepreneurship minor, which has her running a business together with her fellow students, including a management team, shareholders and an innovative product that they came up with themselves. The corona pandemic has certainly not made things any easier. “I believe few new products will be sold in the near future, while many people are stuck at home without work. I hope the requirements of the minor will therefore be mitigated somewhat.”