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Selfmade businesswoman Olcay Gulsen inspires Tio students

From a difficult childhood to successful businesswoman; fashion designer Olcay Gulsen told her story and inspired the students at Tio Amsterdam during her master class. Afterwards, there was plenty of time left for a meet & greet, and it turned out that Olcay was very impressed by Tio’s students! ‘They are so young, and yet already so ambitious and so focused on substance! I even talked to some students who have already taken their company public and sold shares. I wasn’t even thinking of stuff like that when I first started out. And they’re all so stylish too!’

Quotes from students and Olcay

‘Olcay did things before giving them too much thought. She was brave enough to take risks and never played it safe. I really respect that!’ Tourism student Eskin

‘Olcay showed us that if you want to start something of your own, sometimes, you just have to not care about what people think and just go ahead and do it.’ Hotel school student Nienke

‘You can be whoever you want to be, but opportunities don’t simply come your way naturally; you have to actively draw them in.’ – Olcay Gulsen

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