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Introduction days

Meet your new fellow students before the actual start of the academic year by coming to the introduction camp: three days of survival in the Belgian Ardennes, filled with sports activities during the day and parties at night. Every year, the introduction camp is a fantastic and unique way to kick off the academic year. See the photos from last years.

Tio hosts the introduction days in cooperation with the student society Cognatio. The three-day introduction will take place from 19 until 23 August 2024. You can sign up for the Introduction days under “Optional courses” during the digital registration for your Tio programme.

You can register for the introduction days in the Ardennes via this form until July 31, 2024.

Introduction days in the Belgian Ardennes

Introduction days in the Belgian Ardennes

“I had a great time during the introduction camp. You quickly get to know your fellow students and the activities bring everyone closer together. The atmosphere is relaxed,
partly because of the efforts of the fun and active student society. ”
Justin Nep | Tio student