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Starting well prepared

A new academic year, a new start.  This is why we gathered information that may be useful for you on these pages. If you have any questions about student finance (DUO) or the timetables, this is the place to be!

On these pages you will find more information about:

Kick-off of the academic year

Studying at Tio

At Tio, you work hard in a relaxed and friendly environment. Our small-scale campuses offer a highly personal atmosphere, making them the perfect place to meet new people (which is both fun and great for your network) and work on your courses and projects. Tio’s study programmes have a practical focus, which means you learn by doing. You take courses in small groups to ensure you get all the personal attention and guidance you need to perform optimally. Tio students love a challenge and enjoy competing with each other, for example during this year’s project week. By working together, utilising your strong suits and further developing your lesser traits, you can successfully complete any project. Before you know it, you will be a young professional who is ready for their first internship. Will you choose a challenging internship in the Netherlands or push your boundaries by going abroad?