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Information for parents

Information provision to parent(s)/carer(s)

Tio informs the parent(s)/carer(s) about the attendance rate and study progress via the email address that was listed during the registration. 

Tio App

You can download the MyTio app for free via the App store or Google Play Store. Use the same login credentials as for your Tio email account to immediately access the latest news, your schedule, your digital student card and e.g. your campus’ direct telephone number. Throughout the academic year, you can also consult your marks and homework via the app. How convenient is that?

Your parents can also use the MyTio app to stay up to date on the latest Tio news, schedule information and your study results. You can give your parents access via the “Monitoring” function in the “Settings” menu. When you enter your father and/or mother's name, you will receive an access code. Your parent(s) can then log into the MyTio app with your Tio email address and this code. View the instructional video on how to use the MyTio app here (in Dutch only).