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From dream to reality: working in the Amstel

Alumnus Selwin works as a Banquet Sales Executive in the Amstel Hotel

“When I first saw the Amstel Hotel on TV, it became my dream to work there one day.” Selwin Dekkers, a student Hotel and Event Management at the time, was very impressed by the TV show Vier seizoenen aan de Amstel. Less than six months after graduating from Tio, he acquired his dream job. “It is truly special to work in one of the most beautiful five-star restaurants in the Netherlands!”

Working in the Amstel

Selwin works as a Banquet Sales Executive in the luxury Intercontinental Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam. “I organise the events for meetings and leisure parties. We do everything from major weddings and luxury diners to a symposium for a multinational organisation. I am involved in the process from beginning to end; from the initial application to the final evaluation.”

“I enjoy interacting with the guests and surprising them with everything the hotel has to offer. Nothing is impossible. This is a truly special place to work. The Amstel is one of the most beautiful five-star hotels in Amsterdam. It has a rich history and many famous guests have stayed here over the years.”

Educational final thesis

As a Banquet Sales Executive, Selwin still benefits from his final thesis at Tio. “I did my research at Van der Valk,” he explains. “I examined how they could improve the entire events process, from application to execution, to generate more revenue. Although that was a different hotel, I can still use that knowledge. I love putting everything I have learned into practice.”

Fantastic time at Tio

“I had a fantastic and very educational time at Tio,” Selwin reflects. “I would do it all again in a heartbeat. I loved the personal supervision, the small classes and the fact that I could choose an accelerated programme.”

Dreams and ambitions

Although the position of Banquet Sales Executive is perfect for Selwin, he still has his ambitions. “Eventually, I would like to grow in this position. I can even do so abroad, for example in New York or Dubai. It would be great if I could be a Banquet Sales Manager in five years’ time and make General Manager in ten years.” Selwin laughs. “It doesn’t hurt to dream, right?”

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