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Tio Business School excellent in its field and programmes

Once again, Tio Business School is entitled to carry the title 'excelling in own discipline', as indicated in the Higher Education Guide 2024. This designation reflects that our students are highly satisfied, and their performances often surpass the average. Tio leads the ranking with three bachelor programmes: Commercial Economics and Entrepreneurship, Hotel and Event Management, and International Business Management are in first place!

Best programme in commercial economics

For the eighth consecutive year, Tio's bachelor programme in Commercial Economics and Entrepreneurship has been ranked number one in the Higher Education Guide. At most Tio campuses, more students than average progress from the first to the second academic year. The programme has been awarded the title of ‘top rated programme’ at our campuses in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Utrecht.

Best hotel school

For the tenth consecutive year, our popular bachelor programme in Hotel and Event Management has secured the top position. This programme is also awarded the title of ‘top rated programme’ at our Hengelo, Groningen, Eindhoven, and Rotterdam campuses. The Higher Education Guide specifically mentions Tio's high-level practical cooking lessons and the unique combination of hospitality and event management.

Best business programme

The bachelor programme in International Business Management can proudly claim to be the best business programme in the Netherlands for the tenth consecutive year. This programme is offered in both Dutch and English. International Business Management has been recognised as a ‘top rated programme’ at both Tio Hengelo and Tio Amsterdam. The first year is often successfully completed at Tio, and students do not frequently experience delays, according to the Higher Education Guide.

Outstanding results

The fact that Tio has consistently achieved top results in the Higher Education Guide is a beautiful recognition of our work. "We are incredibly proud that our students hold our study programmes in such high regard," says CEO Katinka Reuling. "We are rightfully the best university of applied sciences in the Netherlands." Tio helps students become the best version of themselves. "I want to reach the top, and for that, I need an excellent foundation," says student Ties. "For me, that's Tio."

Private education

As a private educational institution, Tio can invest more in the quality of education compared to government-funded institutions. Classes are small, and students are taught by top lecturers. An associate degree can be obtained in two years, while a bachelor's degree can be completed in three years. Additionally, starting this year, students within some programmes can choose specialisations in various industries and fields. The Higher Education Guide also acknowledges that private institutions can excel in specialisation, which often translates to excellent performance and high student satisfaction.

Higher Education Guide

The Higher Education Guide is an independent consumer guide that assesses and compares the quality of Dutch study programmes. The comparisons are based on information from reliable sources such as the National Student Survey, the Research Centre for Research and Labour Market, and the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences.

Source: Keuzegids hbo