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Higher education guide 2016: Tio best university

Wonderful, we’ve done it again! The Higher education guide has once again selected Tio as the ‘Best university of applied sciences (small size) in the Netherlands’. This result fills us with pride.

Top rated programme

The Higher education guide 2016 on Tio’s bachelor courses: “the highest ranking universities are familiar names. These are universities that have high ambitions and demand a lot of commitment and dedication from their students. Measured by our criteria, Tio scores the most points and thereby the highest score. Student Lisa Edelijn has no difficulty explaining this number-1 position: “Tio is a university for motivated students who wish to have that extra edge or experience that will set them apart from others working in the field. We receive a lot of private tutoring which helps to better grasp the subject matter and also remember it more easily.”

Excellent reviews

Tio scores good to excellent on all of the separate aspects. We have received high scores for the course curriculums, the lecturers, the learning objectives/skills we teach our students, the way in which we prepare our students for a career, and the communication. According to former student Ilse Wijnen, “the many opportunities for going abroad, the study trips and the diversity in meaningful projects also set Tio apart from other universities.”

All bachelor courses on number 1

The Hotel and Event Management course receives the highest scores with five of our locations in the top-5: Tio Eindhoven (1st, 94 points), Tio Utrecht (2nd, 92 points), Tio Hengelo and Tio Amsterdam (joint 3rd, both 88 points), and Tio Rotterdam (joint 5th place, 86 points). Student Robin Geurts about the Hotel and Event Management course: “due to the small-scale investment, the personal character, the many possibilities and also the unique combination between hotel and event management, Tio really distinguishes itself from the competition.” For the International Tourism Management course we have four locations in the top-5: Tio Amsterdam (1st, 82 points), Tio Utrecht (2nd, 78 points), and Tio Eindhoven and Tio Rotterdam (joint 3rd place, both 74 points). Out of all the IBMS-courses in the Netherlands, the International Business Management course in Tio Rotterdam has reached the number-1 position with 86 points. The IBM-course in Tio Amsterdam comes in at 2nd position with a score of 84 points.

‘Best university of applied sciences (small size)’

The title ‘Best university of applied sciences (small size) of the Netherlands’ is the sum of all the excellent scores that all the bachelor courses at Tio obtained. This is not the first time that Tio has been so well accredited, we have reached number-1 positions before in the National Student Survey, JOB-monitor and in Elsevier. Tio has also received some great reviews during accreditations by the NVAO. We have now been rewarded the title of ‘Best university of applied sciences (small size) of the Netherlands’ and student Robin is very proud of this: “I enjoy the fact that Tio is so highly accredited, it makes me proud to say that I attend Tio.”

Source: Higher Education Guide, Keuzegids Hbo 2016

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