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Daan studies at the best hotel management programme of the Netherlands

Daan van Boerdonk is a Hotel and Event Management student. The Higher Education Guide awarded this bachelor programme the title of best hotel management programme in the Netherlands four years in a row. Daan: “I am proud of the fact that my school offers the best study course in the field. Because of the combination with Event Management, this is the perfect bachelor programme for me.”

Daan chose an internship in the field of event management at Canon Nederland, where he works in the corporate marketing & communication department to host various events to market Canon. You will undoubtedly be familiar with Canon because of their cameras and printers. Daan: “Canon offers an all-inclusive service for anything pertaining to visual imagery – from calculators to beamers.”

Event manager Daan

Just like many other major brands, Canon regularly hosts events for its relations, as well as press launches, promotions and competitions for consumers. During his internship, these events are Daan’s responsibility. Daan: “I put my heart and soul into what Canon’s customers want to see during an event. Because I now know exactly what Canon wants, I can translate that into an event more effectively than an external event agency might.”

Working for a major brand

Before starting his internship Daan had some doubts about working for a major organisation like Canon. “I actually prefer smaller companies. Canon has 1,600 employees and I expected to end up in a large, impersonal factory-like setting. I could hardly have been more wrong. The department I work in is small, I am part of a relatively young team and we all work together well. I love doing this.”

Tio in the lead in the Higher Education Guide

Tio’s Hotel and Event Management programme was given the highest marks out of all hotel management programmes in the 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 Higher Education Guides. The same goes for the International Tourism Management bachelor programme, which was selected as the Netherlands’ best tourism management programme for the sixth year in a row. Tio has also earned first place on the list of small-sized educational institutes in the Netherlands.

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