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Distribution manager at Telfort Zakelijk

Commerce, sales, marketing, distribution strategies: everything he was looking for in a job comes together in his position as distribution manager at Telfort Zakelijk. Former Tio student Rik Orta feels right at home at KPN’s subsidiary in Amsterdam. Rik: “I love the combination of different aspects.”

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Rik Orta is working as a distribution manager at Telfort Zakelijk. “As a distribution manager, I move between the Finance, Marketing and Sales departments,” Rik explains excitedly. “I am responsible for the optimal positioning of Telfort Zakelijk’s products and services.”

Ideal market positioning

“I started at KPN in an HR position more than three years ago,” Rik continues. “I missed the commercial aspect there. The job at Telfort Zakelijk gave me the opportunity to focus on commerce as well. I now try to answer questions like ‘What is the market doing? What are our competitors doing? Which channels should we use? How can we realise the ideal market positioning?’ That combination of commerce, marketing and sales is what I love most about my job.”

The benefits of a Tio education

Rik studied Hospitality Management (the predecessor of the Hotel and Event Management programme) at Tio in Leidschendam more than a decade ago. “It was great that I could earn my higher education degree in a short period of time. I also loved the small-scale nature of Tio. Its whole culture really appealed to me.”

Although Rik does not work in the hotel business, he still enjoys the benefits of his Tio education. “Marketing and business economics were important aspects of the bachelor. It was a very commercial programme. I still use the knowledge I acquired every day. I would definitely recommend Tio to others.”

Staying on your toes

Rik enjoys his job at Telfort Zakelijk. “I work with a great team. Everything is out to achieve the best possible result. Of course, I also love the work itself. It keeps me on my toes. Eventually, I do want to continue developing my career. Perhaps I will return to the parent company KPN one day. Ultimately, it offers more opportunities. I would want to work in the same field as I do now, though.”

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