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Mbo Education Guide 2018: Tio best vocational school

“Students and Inspection are both very positive”

The Mbo Education Guide 2018 has elected Tio as the best vocational school in the Netherlands, with a score of no less than 92 points. Tio received excellent scores in respect of lecturers, lessons, support, testing and organisation, as well as on the expert opinion provided by the Education Inspectorate.

Best Intermediate Hotel School

The Hotel Management programme at Tio is the best Intermediate Hotel School. The Education Guide has the following to say about it: “Students of Tio are the most satisfied. They have the most compliments for how well the school is organised.”

 Hotel Management student Hidde de Bruijn: “I decided on Tio because it is the best intermediate hotel school in the Netherlands, and because of their personal approach and great lecturers. A Tio degree really enhances your CV. It provides you with a better position in the labour market.”

Best intermediate vocational airline service programme

Tio’s vocational programme Stewardess Receptionist Hostess is by far the best intermediate vocational airline service programme, according to the Education Guide: “The Tio programme is very good according to the students.”

Stewardess student Barbara Rietberg: “Tio was a very conscious choice for me. It is small-scale, which makes it feel very relaxed; you get a lot of personal attention. In addition, you have a lot more career options if you have a Tio degree.”

Top-rated programme Commercial Business Management

Tio’s vocational business programme, Commercial Business Management, received high scores in the Education Guide as second of the Netherlands and is awarded the title ‘top-rated programme’. Mbo business student Thomas Vervenne: “I decided on Tio because I wanted to fast-track my vocational programme, yet still receive top-quality education.”

Source: Mbo Education Guide 2018 (Keuzegids Mbo 2018)                                                                    

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