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Studying in the Netherlands: an exciting experience

Rocío Moreno del Río is an ambitious exchange student from Madrid where she studies Tourism at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. This semester she is studying at Tio University of Applied Sciences. Rocío: “I love studying in the Netherlands. I think the small-scale and personal education of Tio is the best way to learn.”

Rocío is doing the Hotel and Event Management programme at Tio in Utrecht. “I chose Tio because they have a more specific program”, she explains. “And they have lots of practical projects that in my university don’t exist. In the future I want to focus my career on the hotel sector.”

Practice mixed with theory

“I love studying at Tio”, Rocío says enthusiastically. “I think the small-scale and personal education of Tio is the best way to learn. I come from a public university where the classes consists of more than 70 people, so it is difficult to pay attention or learn properly. Besides, Tio is more about practice mixed with theory so you can practice what you learn in the classes and gain some experience on it.”

Discovering Utrecht by bike

During her exchange period Rocío lives in Utrecht. “I have been in the Netherlands for four months now and I love it. I love travelling around with my friends and going everywhere by bike, it gives you lots of independency. Utrecht is expensive compared to Madrid, but I love the people I met here. Also, it is very easy to communicate because most of the people speak English and they are very nice.”

Hotel and Event Week? Awesome!

Rocío has just finished the Hotel and Event Week at Tio, during which she and her fellow students had to run a full hotel for one week. “The Hotel and Event Week was awesome! It is incredible to have the opportunity to work in teams and run a hotel on our own! It was very educational. I learned how to communicate with different people out of our own team and how a hotel works from the inside. At my university in Madrid we do not have anything like this. That is why the experience is even more exciting and special!”

Helpful for the future

“I love studying in the Netherlands”, Rocío says finally. “I would recommend studying at Tio to other students. I really do think my Tio experiences will be helpful for my future. It is hard work, but it’s definitely worth it!”