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Who creates the best online business?

Setting up a real online business is a dream for many students Commerce Entrepreneurship & Organisations. This dream comes true during the Digital Student Company project. In the online final on April 22, the top five teams have the honour to pitch their ideas to the jury. Today, the students can show they already are proper entrepreneurs. Which company is most likely to succeed?

Setting up an online business

During the project the students work in teams towards setting up their own online business. They come up with a product or concept, do market research and draw up a business plan. And of course they really get to work: from building a website and purchasing to financial administration and marketing. In short: everything that comes with running a business!

Pitching online for a professional jury

No finals on an external location this year, but everything will be digital. The tension is still there though! The students talk enthusiastically about their companies and sticks their heads together during the challenging questions of the jury members. Jury chairman Sébastien Willems (CEO PressPage): "What will you spend your marketing budget on, besides Instagram?", "How will you distinguish yourself from competitors?" and "What are your goals or targets?"

The top 5

Once all the student teams have pitched their ideas, the jury goes into deliberation. Hold on, here comes the top 5!

Best online Tio company of the year

Student Jesse Simons (Tio Utrecht) from the winning team tells about the project: “I came up with this idea because I used to want to become a pilot and I was in a flight simulator once. Through market research I found out that there was no overview of the total range of game simulators. Simplace now offers this market place! We are 100% sure to continue with this company so that it can grow and we want to focus more on international markets as well. I already have contacted people in America and Australia.”

Finally, what did Jesse think of the online final? "Well organised! Given the situation, Tio has come up with a great solution to allow this final to continue. This way we were able to present our idea well. I want to thank Tio for giving us this opportunity to start an entire company from scratch! It was a great battle, we learned a lot.”

Entrepreneurs in the making

Jury member Edwin van der Horst, entrepreneur and director of Digital Publication Makers, was impressed by the finalists. "I really saw a number of entrepreneurs today. On many occasions I thought: wow, how nice! Yes, I was really surprised. I've seen some really great things and it was also educational for me. The finals took place online and that worked out fantastic. Such an online final is easy, saves travel time and is cost effective. It was also convenient for myself, as a jury member. It’s a very good solution. Just keep it this way if you ask me!”

Prize money and flowers

The top 3 will receive 500, 250 and 100 euro prize money respectively, which the teams will invest in their company. Because the finals took place online instead of on an external location, the winners will receive their flowers at home!