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Ready for the real financial market?

Why and when should you enter the stock exchange as a company? And what will be the effects? Students from the minor and project Stocks & Bonds have been addressing these questions over the past few months. Today they compete for a nice amount of money of € 500 in the exciting online final!

As much profit as possible

During the project, students learn all about the stock market: about stocks, options, bonds, futures, securities and more. The goal: to achieve as much fictitious profit on the stock market as possible in a virtual stock market game, of course by applying the right strategy! Yfke Voorbij, student Commerce Entrepreneurship & Organisations: “Stocks & Bonds is a very educational project; especially because the online game allows you to apply the theory about the way of trading in practice. I did not expect to be in the final, but I think it’s very cool and exciting!”

Strategic thinking

To be as profitable as possible, students are challenged to think strategically. Strategies that come up often: following the news, the high frequency method (using automatic trading platforms with algorithms) and day trading (trading only during the trading day). International Business student Thomas Peek: "It’s not important to buy as many shares as possible; it’s important to be patient and then buy the right shares!"

The best strategy wins!

Who ultimately applied the best strategy and justified his or her choices best? The best minor student is marketing student Bart James, who just dragged in the well-deserved cheque! The jury: “Well executed and well thought-out plan with the most potential!” Hotel and Event Management student Celine Nebig wins the Stocks & Bonds project. The jury thought she had a clear story, understood the market well and had learned a lot!

Trading is still very interesting

The winners are clearly happy with their prize. Celine Nebig: "I didn't expect to win, but I'm super happy!" Bart James continues enthusiastically: “It is very cool that I won this, I feel very honored. Thanks to the good and fun teaching of lecturer Jasper Breebaart, I have found out that trading interests me a lot! What am I going to do with the prize money? Use it on the real financial market! Or maybe for the purchase of a MacBook... Anyhow, I want to use this amount for the benefit of my knowledge and skills!”

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