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Art hotel Àdroit: home is where the art is

A brand new hotel opened its doors this week at a beautiful location in Bergen op Zoom, in the heart of the Brabantse Wal Nature reserve. First year students Hotel and Event Management are in charge for one week and transformed the original Stayokay hostel into a colourful world full of art and creativity where guests can create their own masterpieces. Ready for a unique (art) experience? Welcome to Art hotel Àdroit!

Everything runs smoothly

“It’s going well”, says general manager Mika (Tio Amsterdam) proudly, while he keeps an eye on the restaurant. “Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow the hotel is even fully booked. And the bar and restaurant are also quite busy; we got a lot of visitors from outside. Of course we all had to get used to this work the first days, none of the students really had experiences with running a hotel. There’s so much more involved than you’d think!”

Together with his fellow students of Tio Utrecht and Amsterdam, including exchange students, Mika was preparing this week for almost half a year. “It’s really cool you get an inside look into this world thanks to the Hotel and Event Week. Especially as a general manager I get to see all the sides of a hotel. You learn so much during a week like this.”

Making mistakes

Employee Leonie (Tio Utrecht) has already worked in the kitchen, the bar and the restaurant this week. “The variety is very nice”, she tells enthusiastically in between her bar duties. “Now you get to experience how it really is to work in a hotel. During this week you learn how to get the best out of yourself. My most important lesson until now? It’s OK to make mistakes! Just make sure you make it right again. You can only learn from your mistakes.”

Free your inner artist

Do you have a hidden creative talent? Eat your heart out in Art hotel Àdroit! The programme this week is full of creative and inspiring workshops and activities. Think workshops painting, macramé, hand lettering or yoga. All the guests are free to participate. And even in the restaurant there is room for creativity: all the tables are equipped with markers and colourable place mats!

Satisfied guests

And the guests, how do they like the hotel? We didn’t receive any complaints yet so that’s a good sign, says general manager Mika with a wink. Guests Rob and Andrea from Zwolle tell, while they are being checked out by a very friendly front office employee, they were pleasantly surprised. “We loved it here. We had a really pleasant stay. The food was good, the wine was good and we were well looked after. The students are doing great!”

Art hotel Àdroit is open for public until Friday 29th November. The profit of the hotel will be given to the charity Het vergeten kind.

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