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Online competing for an incentive trip

In recent weeks, Tio's first-year tourism students focused on an interesting assignment for the Incentive & Event Travel project: make an incentive trip for architecture firm Architekton. The students presented their journey in a video, and the finalists stood before the online jury on Thursday April 16 to compete for the win! Which trips have they devised?

Handsome drivers and tuctuc tours

Jordy Gorseling, Milou Sengers and Noah Suurmond from Tio Amsterdam have put together a wonderful trip to Puglia: Fra i Sassi lin Puglia. The architects get to know the entire region through bike tours, tuctuc tours and their handsome driver Leonardo. They also have dinners among the rocks and stay in a hotel made in the rocks.

Historical journey full of architecture

Build your way through Valencia: this cultural and historical journey full of architecture was made by Amsterdam students Hamza Aulad, Mai Oord and Floor Berkhof. With various team building assignments, cooking workshops and a museum visit, the architects get to know the beautiful city of Valencia.

Shopping in Istanbul

Larissa Kraaijenbrink and Manal Bennani (Tio Eindhoven) take the architects through the 1001 nights of Istanbul. This journey already starts at home, where the travelers can find out where the journey is going based on various hints. And whoever guesses this first… will receive a voucher to go shopping in the Bazaar in Istanbul, where the architects also have to carry out crazy team building assignments.

Get to know architectural styles in Vienna

If there is one city where you can find a lot of architecture, it is in Vienna. Bennet Vels, Lize Wouda and Veronique Rietveld of Tio Hengelo took the architects to the Austrian capital to show them different styles. The appropriate name of their trip is therefore: The Visible Vibe of Vienna. Because there are more architectural styles, they also take the architects to Bratislava for a day to let them delve into even more different styles.

Hot tubs and museums in Copenhagen

Rotterdam students Rachel Hahn and Rahima Rozsa have made an interesting incentive to Copenhagen for the architects: Fairytale Copenhagen. During this trip, travelers get to know both the city and each other well. With city walks and bike tours, a visit to the Hans Christian Andersen museum and a nice and warming hot tub experience.

Out of the box in Saint Petersburg

Daliah Tol, Isa Sluijs and Helen Wu (Tio Utrecht) stepped out of the box by taking the architects to Saint Petersburg. Enough to do for everyone: there is a boat tour with dinner and live jazz music, a city tour from different rooftops in the city and a folk dance show.

And the winner is…

The winning team may carry out the trip themselves; so there is a lot at stake! Until the last minute, the jury was deliberate, to finally unanimously come to 1 winner: Fra i Sassi Iin Puglia! Due to the high detail, the various team building activities and the originality, the Amsterdam students have designed a real professional incentive. Milou Sengers of the winning team: "It really is the discharge, we made so many calls, the communication was now very important." And how is the profit celebrated? Teacher Marion Ariëns has an idea: "We are now going to celebrate during a zoom drink!".

The number two of this final may travel along with the winning team. Who is joining them to Puglia? After a long discussion and good arguments, the jury declares the team of Fairytale Copenhagen to second place. Congratulations!