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Online marketeting specialist and entrepreneur

Alumni Robbert Vrijbloed runs a succesful company: “I love the freedom of being my own boss!”

If it is up to him, he will live out his life as a digital nomad, lying on the beach with a cocktail in his hand. Robbert Vrijbloed completed two programmes at Tio University of Applied Sciences three years ago and started his own business shortly after. He now runs a successful company. “Business is going well. I love my job!”

Marketing expert

Robbert works as an online marketer and SEO specialist at Propermedia, the company he joined last year and which he turned into a successful business together with his partner. Robbert explains excitedly: “Propermedia is the foremost marketing agency in the province of North Holland. It is great to be seen as an expert in my field by clients.”

Network is important

Robbert and his partner at Propermedia complement each other very well: “I am an excellent marketer and my partner excels at IT. Together, we make a perfect team. We have a lot of clients. Some of them are large national organisations. Most new clients find us via referrals. Our network is very important to us.”

Two degrees in three years

Robbert completed the fast-track Hotel Management and Hotel and Event Management programmes. “I earned two degrees in three years. It took some work, but I pulled it off in the end,” he says. “I am still happy with my choice and I reap the rewards every day. The Management Skills course, for example, was very useful, as was the Marketing and Communication minor. Because the lecturers all have extensive practical experience, I learned a lot from them.”

From Revenue Manager to being your own boss

Immediately after his studies, Robbert found a job as Revenue Manager at De Toren Hotel Groep in Amsterdam; the #1 hotel group in the Netherlands. “I loved my job there. I learned so much about online marketing, revenue management and maintaining relationships with clients. I can now put that knowledge to good use outside the hospitality sector.”

Eventually, Robbert decided to start his own business. “I love the freedom of being my own boss. Working in the hotel business creates an excellent foundation for other professions. I enjoy my job a lot.” He has not given up on his dreams, however. “I would eventually like to live as a digital nomad,” he says with a smile on his face. “I want to do my work while lying on the beach with a cocktail in my hand.”

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