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International Tourism Management

Bachelor's degree 3 year

Tuition fees

It pays to earn a degree from Tio. It is an investment in your future. Tio is a private educational institution. Thanks to greater financial resources, Tio is able to invest in smaller classes, exciting projects, excellent lecturers and more lessons. The attention Tio pays to the quality of its education results in satisfied students and high-quality education.
The overview below applies to Dutch students and students from the EU/EEA. For non-EU/EEA students, requiring a visa, Tio has put together a package fee. Detailed information on the package fee can be found below.

Annual fees for EU-students

Academic year 2024-20251

Tuition fee EU per year2-3-4-5

€ 22,250

Enrolment fee (one-off)

€ 95

Total first academic year

€ 22,345

  1. The three-year bachelor programme runs from 1 January 2024 or 1 August 2024 through 31 August 2027. The four-year bachelor programme runs from 1 January 2024 or 1 August 2024 to 31 August 2028. The Associate degree programme lasts two years: from 1 January 2024 or 1 August 2024 through 31 August 2026.
  2. Tuition fee includes study materials, the study trip (in the 3rd year), examination and examination fees and projects.
  3. The tuition fees are indexed annually with a maximum of 5%.
  4. Tuition fee for the 4th academic year of the bachelor programme: 50% of the indexed tuition fee.
  5. An extended registration costs € 500 per exam subject/practice assignment per academic year. An extended registration only for graduation costs 25% of the indexed tuition fee per academic year.

How to finance this high-quality programme

There are several options for financing Tio's tuition fees:

The options, and other matters such as electives and payment in instalments, are explained below.

Need advice?

During the open days, internal and external specialists are present who can tell you more about the possibilities of financing a bachelor’s degree at Tio. For more and up-to-date information, you can also consult the website of DUO.

Financial advice at the open day